Home Renovations

Interior & Exterior

Do you live in a home that you love, but that is ready for a refresh? Pinnacle Homes brings our team of experts to the table for your home renovation projects - both large and small. Perhaps it's time for a new kitchen, new bathroom, or you'd like to create an open, flowing floor plan to better connect your family. Or maybe a growing family means it's time to invest in that addition, giving everyone a bit more room to breathe. Trust a home builder who has had years of experience building hundreds of homes that last. The stability and integrity of your home can be affected each time you tear out a wall or rip up a floor. We promise to walk you through each step to get beautiful results.

Interior Design

Update Your Decor

Wouldn't it be exciting to walk into your house and have it feel so perfectly like "you"? Once your home has been built or renovated, many clients are confronted with the challenge of making their new, bare space feel like home. Pinnacle Homes offers Interior Design services for the ultimate move-in ready experience. Carly at Pinnacle will take note of all the things you love, color, shape and material, and match it to your lifestyle. Visit her website here.